Support opportunity

We received enquiries about how to support the livesaver tattoo movement.

On one hand our partners told us that their customers who got the lifesaver tattoo were very grateful.

On the other hand those who don’t need the tattoo but feel the importance of this initiative due to a diabetic family member or friend, or just think this is a good idea, indicated their intent to support our movement.

Our partner tattoo studios will receive sponsorship t-shirts, and we had the idea that maybe the sponsores would be interested in this opportunity, too. We launched a survey in our Facebook group.

We created an online survey for the assessment of needs. You can see the results here.

Until this time we received 259 asnwers. You can see the detailed statistics here:

Because we received a lot of “YES” answers (90%!!!) for buying sponsorship t-shirts, we started to organize the webshop.

Our webshop will be available soon, where you can choose from several colours and sizes.