Do you want to join our initiative as a tattoo artist?

Apply to be our partner and anyone who wants a diabetic tattoo can find you on our recommended partner list.

Steps to apply:

Download the application form and fill it. You will have to upload it to our site. If you filled the form before and posted it to our Facebook group please attach it here too. The online application is valid just with the filled form. The form is available in more languages, choose which language you speak.

   nyilatkozat                    Erklärung                       Statement

Important: we need just the logo, not a photo of a business card or flyer.

Applications are processed in order of arrival, maximum within 48 hours.

  • Applications processed at this moment 100% 100%

You will receive an email about approval.

Frequently asked questions

Please read it before you apply as partner!

1. How can I apply as a partner?

Download the application form / statement. Fill out and attach it when sending your application on the online form. Your application is valid just with the filled statement.

2. Are there any costs to be a partner?


3. Will there be any costs in the future?


4. How can I modify my data if there are any changes in the future?

It’s simple, just write to us through the Contact us form.

5. What certificates are needed to make the lifesaver tattoo?

Anyone who wants the tattoo will show you the medical certificate provided by his GP / doctor.

6. Can I share the photos of the lifesaver tattoos?

Yes, we ask you to do it. You can upload and send the photos through the Gallery / Send photos page.

7. Can I put my logo on the photos of the lifesaver tattoos made by me?


8. Can I share photos of other tattoos here?

No. Just photos of lifesaver tattoos will be accepted.

9. Can I promote deals of my studio on

We can’t give an opportunity to do that. Use your Facebook page or any other media.

Partner application form


Please provide the number of sponsor t-shirts according to their sizes:


IMPORTANT!!! You will be shown on the website with the information you provided on the online form, so please fill it precisely and check it before you send it.