Our (future) partners aks these most times:

1. How can I apply as partner?

Download the application form / statement. Fill it and you will have to attach it with your application on the online form. Your application is valid just with the filled statement.

2. Are there any costs to be a partner?


3. What certificates are needed to make the lifesaver tattoo?

Anyone who wants the tattoo will show you the medical certificate provided by his GP / doctor.

4. Where should I tattoo the lifesaver logo? Is there any rules for that?

In case of nausea experts and laics feel the pulse on left wrist. The best place for the lifesaver tattoo is there. There will be the best chance to notice the sign if the patient is unable to communicate.
If there are no place for the tattoo or it can’t be there for other reasons, it should be on the right wrist.

5. Can I share the photos of the lifesaver tattoos?

Yes, we ask to do it. You can upload and send the photos through the Gallery / Send photos page.

6. Can I use my logo on the photos of the lifesaver tattoos made by me?

Yes. But don’t let it cover the essentials of the photo.

7. If I understand correctly, every partner will do the lifesaver tattoo for free for all diabetics?

Yes. Diabetics will never pay for the tattoo. Nowhere.

8 . Is it worth for me to be a partner if I'm working for free?

You have to decide. It’s not mandatory to be our partner. But the advertising and newsvalue is significant! The customers will find the studios listed on www.LifeGuardTattoo.com. Anyone who never got a tattoo and this will be the first one, can take a liking for tattoos and will come back to you for the next one.

9 . Can I change anything on the logo if the customers wants it?

No! The essence of the lifesaver tattoo is the unified sign, it helps to recognize it and do the required steps. You can use just the specified colours, shapes and font types. This is really important!

10. What should I do if the customer wants to pay for the tattoo?

The possibility of buying sponsor gifts like t-shirt with lifesaver tattoo is in progress. Or the customer can support our work to help us improve our program. Link for support: LifeGuardTattoo.com/hu/adomany/

Diabetics ask these most times:

1. Will the diabetic logo tattoo be made really for free?

Yes!  😉

2. Will just partners listed on LifeGuardTattoo.com make the diabetic tatto for free or can I go to somewhere else?

You can look for another tattoo artist but only those listed on our site will make it for free.

3. How much does getting a tattoo hurt?

It’s bearable. Not comfy for a first timer but it will let up after a few hours.

4. Which is the best place for the lifesaver tattoo?

In case of emergency the medical staff and laymen feel the pulse on the inside of the left wrist.  The best place for the lifesaver tattoo is there. There will be the best chance to notice the sign if the patient is unable to communicate. If there is no place for the tattoo there because of an other tattoo or for any reason, it should be put on the right wrist.

5. How long will it take to make the tattoo?

It’s around 30-45 minutes.

6. Are there any special preparations before getting the tattoo?

No, but it’s good to eat and drink before tattooing, and be relaxed.

7. From what age can I have the tattoo?

It varies from country to country. Please check your country’s regulations.

8 . Do I have to provide any medical certificate about my diabetes?

Yes. Ask your GP or doctor for it. It’s needed to have your tattoo made, without the certificate it’s not allowed for our partners to make the tattoo for you.

9 . Are there any contraindication to make the tattoo although it would be necessary?

Yes. In case of higher liver enzymes reading, or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

10. I have several diabetic friends, I would like to let them now about this opportunity. Is there any information material?

Soon there will be. Until then show them our website: www.LifeGuardTattoo.com