Do you want to support our Lifesaver Tattoo movement?

The LifeGuardTattoo became a wonderful movement in Hungary and in more other countries around the world.

The lifesaver tattoo will be made for free by our partners for diabetics, this means that our partners give their time and equipment ( including the ink ) for free.

Our goal is to let more diabetics know about and use this opportunity, for free. Free forever.

More of you wanted to support us financially, that’s why we created a PayPal account where you can send your donations.

The ammount is not specified. You can choose the ammount for supporting us. Thank you very much for your donation!

Donations will strictly be used to support and maintain our project.

You will see this on the donation page:

Name of the account: PayPal.Me/LifeGuardTDonation

The account belongs to the mastermind of the movement, the projectleader.

To start donation click on the blue “DONATE” button:

 (The donation page of PayPal will open in a new window.)