Our tattooist partners make the life saving tattoo for free for diabetics.

In case of emergency the unified sign will let others know that a diabetic needs immediate help, so her/his state is not confused with other conditions (drunk, drugs, etc.)


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Diabetic IR

Insuline resintance

Diabetic T1

Type 1 diabetes

Diabetic T2

Type 2 diabetes

Under coordination

for other diseases, medical conditions

Signs which could save your or your loved one’s life.

The signs made for indication of diabetes are parts of a logo series where new signs are being planned and designed. We are coordinating with doctors and paramedics.

We are planning life saving logos for epilepsy, drug sensitivity and other life-long medical conditions.

If you’re diabetic

Have you ever thought about how good it would be to let others know you’re diabetic while you’re feeling bad and don’t let them think you’re drunk or under the influence of drugs? In the favorable case they call the ambulance because they find something in your packet that says you’re diabetic. But what will happen if they don’t call the ambulance because they think you’re just drunk?

The blue circle is the logo of diabetes. The blue circle and the type of your diabetes on your wrist can save your life in a given situation.

If you are a tattoo artist we would be glad to have you as our partner,

which would help people near your tattooing studio find you.


More information about joining us

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If you want to have a diabetic logo tattoo, find the nearest tattooing studio to where you live. Contact them and ask them for an appointment.
You can find the partner studios on our website with map, address, contact details, website address, GPS coordinates. Those who are on our website are all official partners, they will make the lifesaver tattoo for FREE.

Our goodwill initiative reached a lot of people in just a few days, it was picked up by the media and tattoo artists from more countries applied (and are applying) to join us.